breeding requests

silver shaded - Farben bei Maine Coon Katzen |

I prefer to give my babies to pet homes, where they are loved as they are and get a home for the rest of their lives. In addition, in order to maintain the genetic diversity, I usually do not give more than two kittens per litter for breeding, often none at all. For these reasons, I rarely have kittens available for breeding. Above all, one needs patience for breeding, and to get a kitten from me, the patience starts already with the request.

Unfortunately, lately I get more and more breeding requests without any introduction of ​​the requesting breeder, just the info what is being searched. I am not a department store! My kittens are beloved babies, and before I decide to entrust them to someone, I want to know a few things about the person.

In order to get a kitten from me for breeding, I expect detailed information from the interested breeder, especially if there is no homepage where a few infos are listed. About the breeding plans and the previous breedings, which cats and litters are and were there, the pedigrees of the current breeding cats, which health tests are done, how and where the cats live, which other breeders can give information about the cattery and have been there.

If you are interested in a shaded kitten for breeding, please note the following:
Shaded kitten are very rare, especially black silver shaded. Kitten in red silver shaded, or in lighter black silver tabby / torbie are more likely available to reputable breeders, but even there a few years of waiting time must be expected. I had my first shaded litter in the year 2010, and have not given a black silver shaded kitten to breeders yet.