Wild Harmony's Gänseblümchen (Daisy)

Another bright black silver torbie, did I mention that I love this color ;-)

Daisy always keeps her cool. She is very curious and active, and a very smart cat. She is also a very cuddly cat, already during my visit at her breeder she spent her rest on my lap. Also at my home she enjoys every cuddle, and is happy to sit on my shoulder. If I don't have time for her, Daisy keeps on and on until I give up and cuddle with her.

Daisy is mother of the A2-litter.

Photo album
Pawpeds Entrie
Mcats Entrie
8,3 kg with 9 years
black silver torbie cl.
neutered female
9 years 11 months old
Test results:*
normal (8.06)
normal (5.00)
normal (1.11)
normal (0.09)
K: normal (1.11)
H: HD 0,5 OFA (2.06)
G: HCM A31P normal
G: PK Def. normal
G: SMA normal
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Justcoons Movie Star
normal (1.10)
Aloa Nifty Wolf
Allycoons Bright Star
Mountaineer Wannaway Jezebel
Langstteich DD'Elaine
Langstteich Dream-Dandy
Emy-Shou vom Mönchswalder Berg
Esprit of St. Francis
Lapcat Camino
Blue Tomcat Valentino
Lapcat Grandessa
Campari of St. Francis
Anthony of St. Francis
O'Malleys Hatari

*Heartscreening: certified, not certified, K: Kidneyscreening, H: Hip-xray, P: Patellascreening, G: Genetic test (smaller font: negative through ancestors). The numbers in () mean testing age in 'Years.Month'.