Unicoon Micaje Tanka the Yankee Cat

Tanka's character is incredible, I've never seen a cat like her before. She is the greatest cuddler ever, and completely uncomplicated in every respect. After just a few minutes in a strange environment, she behaves as if she has been there all her life. She spent most of the long flight to her new home purring on my lap, turned onto her back so I could scratch her stomach.

Her appearance is great, as you can see in the photos. She has large, perfectly set ears with small brushes, a wonderful profile with a strong chin and a great angular muzzle. Tanka is large and heavy, with a strong build and thick paws. Her tail is long and bushy, she loves to carry it over her back so everyone can immediately see how long it is.

Tanka's family tree is also something very special, she comes from a very rare line that is hardly represented in Germany, with an inbreeding level of only 5.2% in 10 generations (normal is 10-20%).

After her castration, Tanka moved to a new home where she could be the center of attention.

Tanka is mother of the F, I, N, P, Q -litter.

Photo album
Pawpeds Entrie
Mcats Entrie
7,2 kg with 6 years
black tortie smoke
neutered female
*26.3.2000 - †1.4.2011
11 years 0 months old
Test results:*
normal (8.00)
normal (5.07)
normal (3.02)
normal (1.09)
P: normal/normal (2.06)
5,9% COI, 53,7% Top5, 12,5% Clones (Explanation of what these values mean)
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Terrificats Johnny Walker Black
normal (12.00)
Lovabacon Tom Terrificat
Kreidcats Sheridan
Unicoon Lotus-of-the Nile
P'Kaykatz Bones Mc Coon
Terrificats Satori

*Heartscreening: certified, not certified, K: Kidneyscreening, H: Hip-xray, P: Patellascreening, G: Genetic test (smaller font: negative through ancestors). The numbers in () mean testing age in 'Years.Month'.