Gladür's Roxette's Joy Ride

My Shaded breeding started with Roxette. When she was a week young, I fell in love with her and was very happy that she was allowed to move in with me. Her color is my absolute dream and her personality is even better! She was at home from the first second, examined the entire living room and was not bothered by the fact that several cats were hanging on her and sniffing. On the contrary, she threw herself at the other cats and cuddled them, “come clean me”. Roxette purrs at every opportunity and is always in a good mood.

She is also the best cat mother you could wish for, from uncomplicated births to stress-free rearing in the middle of the living room.

Rox is mother of the W, X, Z -litter.

Photo album
Pawpeds Entrie
Mcats Entrie
6,0 kg with 3 years
black silver torbie shaded
neutered female
*6.10.2007 - †4.2.2011
3 years 3 months old
Test results:*
normal (2.00)
H: normal PP normal / normal (1.00)
G: Bloodgroup N/b
G: HCM A31P normal
G: PKD normal
11,3% COI, 68,4% Top5, 31,7% Clones (Explanation of what these values mean)
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Rock Star van Madango
normal (1.02)
K: normal (1.02)
G: HCM A31P normal
G: HCM A74T normal
Night Shadow van Madango
Sweet Rialto Apple-Jack
Gypsy Queen Cats of Destiny
Destiny's Child van Madango
Dynamicats Dirty Harry
Maroussia v.d. Akkerwinde
Waldemaine Marie
normal (0.11)
K: normal (0.11)
Koontucky Captain Blauber
normal (3.01)
G: HCM A31P normal
G: HCM A74T normal
Guitars Rocking Cyrus
Kellycat Voodoo
Brigitte zur Waldemaine
normal (2.03)
Maximus zur Waldemaine
normal (0.11)
Annemarie zur Waldemaine
normal (1.10)
K: normal (1.10)

*Heartscreening: certified, not certified, K: Kidneyscreening, H: Hip-xray, P: Patellascreening, G: Genetic test (smaller font: negative through ancestors). The numbers in () mean testing age in 'Years.Month'.