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Yankee Cats Xcalibear at Shade-a-lot

Calibear was not at all planned, but love is a funny thing ...! Despite his stunning type, color and size I had managed to stand firm, but his character I could not resist any longer. He was the first who constantly climbed on my lap, until today he runs purring around me and wants to be taken on the arm to be cuddled.

Cali is a very big teddy bear, with a wonderful type. I'm glad he stayed with me, and happy about the wonderful babys I got from him.

Calibear is sire of the Astronomie, Bears, It's Christmas, JJ, King Arthur, Labyrinth, Moon, Queen, Roxette, Singer, White, X-Men, YOLT, ZZ Top-litter.

Photo album
Pawpeds Entrie
Mcats Entrie
10,7 kg with 8 years
red silver shaded
neutered male
*19.1.2010 - †7.6.2024
14 years 4 months old
Test results:*
normal (10.05)
normal (7.09)
normal (5.09)
normal (4.00)
normal (1.01)
K: normal (4.00)
H: HD 1 OFA mild (2.10)
H: normalVET normal / normal (1.02)
H: HD 2 PP 2 / 2 (1.02)
P: normal/normal (5.07)
G: Bloodgroup N/N
G: HCM A31P normal
G: PK Def. normal
G: SMA normal
13,0% COI, 70,2% Top5, 34,9% Clones (Explanation of what these values mean)
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Silverado of the Catwalk
normal (7.10)
normal (1.04)
K: normal (1.04)
G: HCM A31P normal
Cartouche van Ravelingen
Coonyham Sheridan
Springfield Chassy
Maine Cherish Chelsea
Coonoquan Givenchy Kitty
Arielle of Maine Flame
Gladür's Roxette's Joy Ride
normal (2.00)
H: normal PP (1.00)
G: Bloodgroup N/b
G: HCM A31P normal
G: PKD normal
Rock Star van Madango
normal (1.02)
K: normal (1.02)
G: HCM A31P normal
G: HCM A74T normal
Night Shadow van Madango
Destiny's Child van Madango
Waldemaine Marie
normal (0.11)
K: normal (0.11)
Koontucky Captain Blauber
normal (3.01)
G: HCM A31P normal
G: HCM A74T normal
Brigitte zur Waldemaine
normal (2.03)

*Heartscreening: certified, not certified, K: Kidneyscreening, H: Hip-xray, P: Patellascreening, G: Genetic test (smaller font: negative through ancestors). The numbers in () mean testing age in 'Years.Month'.