Breeding Reqeuests

Breeding Reqeuests |

Generally I give kitten only to breeders I know. If this is not the case, please expect to get to know each other for a longer time. To get a kitten to breed from me (regardless of which color), I expect detailed information, about the breeding plans and the previous breeding, which health tests are made, how and where the cats live, names of mentors and references, ... !

I do not answer pure price inquiries. Because of the utopian usury prizes in many shaded breeders I can say that they do not exist with me. For me, the price does not depend on the color, but is for all breeding kittens in the same frame, which is more oriented to the health care and the lines.

Mostly I only give one kitten per litter for breeding, but usually no more than two kittens. It can therefore take a long time to have a kitten available for breeding. The better I know the breeder and the more similar our breeding preferences are, the better the chance to get a kitten.

Here are a few of the things that I would like to know from requesting breeders, you can of course also write additional infos that seems important to you:

What is your cattery name and in which association are you registered?

How long are you breeding, with how many litters so far?

How many cats do you have (how many females, males, neuters)?

Please show the pedigree of your breeding cats, prefered as Pawpeds link.

Do you gave kittens for breeding so far (in the last 5 years), and if yes, how many and in which catterys?

How many former breeding cats have you rehomed in the past?

Please describe how and where your cats live, maybe with photos.

Which health tests do you do on your breeding cats?

What are you searching, male or female, which colours?