Our "predator cages" (balcony, cat balcony and garden)


New climbing area 2019:

The balcony in summer 2016:

The balcony shortly after its completion 2011:

The second balcony:

Cat balcony

As smaller fresh air solution this small cat balcony is hanging in front of three windows. Despite the other ways to go outdoors, my cats love even this small balcony, to enjoy the different view and let the wind blow through their fur:

Second cat balcony 2017:

Third cat balcony overlooking the garden 2022:


The cats have always access to the garden, only at -10 degrees in the winter I allow myself to close the window ;-)

Every few years the cats get a new climbing area, this is from spring of 2010:

The walkways are as popular as exercise and resting area as the suspension bridge:

Suspension bridge and walkways from the other side:

The previous climbing are had gone kaput after a few years:

A popular place in the garden is the hill with course of a stream next to the mini-pond.
My water rats love to play with the flowing water :-) :-)

And this is how the cat run looks in winter:

To get outside from the first floor the cats have this tunnel: